BLOG OF A POP-UP SPACE / THE DAY HAS COME (to say good bye for another year...)

Well, after Friday's party we are still reeling from the two great performances by Miguel Guzmán and Javier Marquerie and the exhilarating set by Pachi Subbuteo and One Hand Man's Band. They literally had us on our feet until late and it was a befitting closing to the space this year.

Today, and still a little worse for wear, we are getting ready for the break down after closing at 5pm. But before that we have a little get together of all the people who made this year possible.

In the next few weeks we will posting a series of videos, trailers and photos of this year's events as well as announcing some of the acts that we are working to bring to London next year. For example all the videos that were screened in the space as part of the projections programme will be available here shortly.

So if you didn't get the chance to pop by to see them in the past two weeks, you won't want to miss them on this website. There are some absolute gems by, for example SUSO33, Alejandro Silván Castiella and Nacho R Piedra with Silvia Terrón and Pablo Padilla Jargstorf among others.

As well as our autumn slot, for 2012, Spain NOW!, will organise a series of events from the spring with the aim to consolidate the showcase within London's cultural calendar.

Plans are also afoot for this website to undergo a transformation in the next few months so that it can become a true gateway to UK audiences of the contemporary arts and culture from Spain.

So, many thanks to all of you who have joined us in our events this year and here is to 2012!

See you soon!!