PROCESS MATTERS curated by Toni Ferrer featuring work by Pablo Padilla

Thu, 14/03/2013 - Sun, 17/03/2013

Check out this show curated by Toni Ferrer and with works by Pablo Padilla among others.

More info:

Process Matters exhibition will present the work of several international artists. The question that lies behind this exhibition regards our general lack of awareness regarding the nature of the products we consume and deal with on a daily basis, and the sort of unconscious relations we establish with such products. More specifically, this exhibition seeks to reflect on how little we know about ‘processes of production’ and the fact that we have become mere recipients of goods and commodities. In a society of consumers, attention is focused solely on the end product and the immediate fulfilment of need. 

The exhibition includes the works of Fabia Claris, Paul Matosic, Sadie Murdoch, Pablo A Padilla Jargstorf, James Wood and Mary Yacoob.


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