Provisional Landscapes by AVA Dance Company

“Provisional Landscapes” is an evening of contemporary dance works by Avatâra Ayuso | AVA Dance Company reflecting on the activity that characterises urban realities and its inhabitants, its reinventions and relocations; those places where everything changes and reinvents itself, where life emerges but also gets forgotten.

Podcast of Andrés Jaque and Brendan Cormier in conversation available now

Listen to the fab conversation between Andrés Jaque and Brendan Cormier, which took place on 9th October at The Barbican Centre as part of the first event of Spain NOW! 2014.           LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE

FF>> Fresh Fashion from Spain 2014

Screening: FF>> Fresh Fashion from Spain 2014 Date: Friday 7th November / Sunday 9th November Presentation: Friday 7th November About Spanish design has a distinctive flair that is often difficult to define: is it the use of colour? The choice of shapes? The taste for prints? Its rich cultural heritage? Or perhaps its craftsmanship tradition? As every year, we put words aside and let images speak for themselves. Fresh Fashion from Spain proposes an overview of Spain’s young and cutting edg...

The Word Is Poet

Screening: The Word Is Poet Date: Friday 7th November / Sunday 9th November Event: Saturday 8th November. Join us from 10am for coffee and muffins at Hanmi Gallery for the screening of ‘The Word Is Poet’  and roundtable discussion curated by Silvia Terrón. About As George Orwell said, “if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought”. What do we think about when we talk about (female) poets? Does the adjective add to or subtract from the literary content itself? This ...




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Spain NOW! is the annual season of contemporary art & culture from Spain in London