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This adventure began in 2009 with the passion that every such undertaking should have; a strong belief to make it a reality combined with a long gestation, planning and the ever present and necessary self-doubt.

It is in this context that Spain NOW! was born. Spain NOW! is an annual season showcasing the latest creative talent coming out of Spain. It takes place all around London and strives to break traditional geographical barriers in as much as cultural consumption in the capital is concerned.

With an all-inclusive ethos, Spain NOW! looks at the whole gamut of artistic disciplines and, through a rigorous selection process, presents to London audiences a comprehensive number of exhibitions, events and performances reflecting the artistic output of the Spanish art scene/world of that year.

This topical approach ensures that there is an up-to-date representation of the richness of the cultural offerings of Spain, a country as eager to create as she is to change traditional and outdated perceptions still commonly held.

Modern Spain is at the forefront of artistic production both in terms of quality and sheer variety of output, although this is a relatively unknown fact to UK audiences. Spain NOW! aims to redress the balance by making London the perfect platform to showcase this new, fiercely creative and culturally diverse Spain.

We are once again about to embark on the annual fun ride that is Spain NOW! and we would love it if you joined us.

Antonio Molina-Vázquez, founder Spain NOW!