Felipe Benitez Reyes y Emotique

This is a very exciting collaboration between the poet Felipe Benítez Reyes, winner of the National Literature Award in 1995and the Nadal Prize in 2007, and Emotique, the multimedia artist collective from Barcelona.

Juan Gallego Coín Piano recital

Juan Gallego-Coin will present his interpretation of a selection from Iberia Suite by Isaac Albeniz. Considered a masterpiece for the piano, Gallego-Coin imbues the piece with a sensitivity, which highlights the piece as an utterly contemporary piece of music.

Containing Happiness

Joy, celebration and their imprint aresome of the themes explored in theworks in this exhibition. The Spanish artist (b.1972) pays homage to a shared time of leisurethrough landscapes where human presence, though absent in the works,is very much in evidence by what is leftbehind: the remnants of a celebration. Artist: Rosita Ibanez When: Mon, 28/09/2009…

The Land of Yes and The Land of No

Presented by Southbank Centre, Rafael Bonachela collaborates with composer Ezio Bosso and with production design by Alan Macdonald, delves into the world of signs and symbols that rule our everyday lives and spark our hidden memories.

Emotique Colectivo Anatomic

Emotique is an I+D lab dedicated to the creation of artistic projects combining performance and multimedia arts with a special emphasis on innovation and the wide range of applications of the software developed specifically for this purpose