Artist: Internet2
Event Times: Gig postponed due to clashing tour dates.

Internet2 is a musical project from an art collective from Comte d’Urgell, in Barcelona. The project started as a woodwind amateur band with 3 players. After a few concerts with this ensemble Carlos Carbonell continued playing alone with a ‘mystical’ show that includes a giant cardboard piano he plays with his feet. The show is based on charming dancing, popular music cliches, and some technological-magical tricks.

He has also written a music manifesto about “the world of bands, and why you shouldn’t have a band”.

Internet2 is involved in several children/adult workshops like “Midi Armors” which consists on a group of 10 people building an armor from scratch with aluminum foil. They will have to use this armor (with some midi lo-fi sensors) to compose songs and invoke music spirits.

Internet 2 – The interview!

How would you define yourself?
As a music entrepreneur.

What do you do?
I try to get things done, now I’m producing my own musical, which is a big project with a lot of people involved.

What can the audience expect from your collaboration with Spain NOW!?
Joy joy joy.

What do you think your collaboration with Spain NOW! will bring for you?
It’s always a chance and a challenge to play a gig in the UK. Spain NOW! gives me the chance; the challenge will be to do it well, to make people believe coming to see my show was worth it.

Describe or give us some insights about your creative process.
Highlights of my recipe:
Think on every separate note as a micro song. (Do it fast! or you’ll be working till the end of the days)
Try to make your songs look/sound as professional as you can. That’s what makes people take your music seriously, even if it is sort of experimental.

Is this your first show in the UK?
It’s not my first show in UK, I’ve also played in Spain, France, the Netherlands, some other European countries and most of Central/South America.

What can you say about the current state of Spanish culture within your field? What other emergent Spanish artists can you recommend for those who enjoy your work?
I DO DO DO recomend a madrid based band called Retrato Robot and David Bestué & Marc Vives video works, both are hotter than hot!

Do you have affinities or share interests with any artists working in the UK?
I always tried to be like Momus and Gay Against You (both Scotts). I also love the works of Famicon collective.

Define your work:
I would choose a board game, and that would be Jumanji, which is also lots of animals, a century, a fantastic geographical accident and a Movie.
Jumanji for me is like the perfect concert: you just approach the box, hear the bongos and expect the best/worst time of your life. I love that unique feeling.