2013 HIGHLIGHTS – 24th Interim Exhibition: Techné at Hanmi Gallery

It is often suggested that current technologies are mainly concerned with efficiency, speed, information and communication but how are these developments affecting our daily lives? To what extent is our current technological apparatus laying the foundations of future civilization? Where do we stand regarding technology?

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Artists: Helen Benigson, Ian Brown, Jemima Brown, Simon Morse, Pablo A. Padilla. Curated by Toni Ferrer.

When: Fri, 20/09/2013 – Sun, 29/09/2013

Event Times: 12- 6pm (except Mondays)

Hanmi Gallery
30 Maple Street
W1T6HA London

‘’What human beings are and will become is decided in the shape of our tools no less than in the action of state men and political movements’’ Andrew Feenberg, Transforming Technology.

The works of Helen Benigson, Ian Brown, Jemima Brown, Simon Morse and Pablo A. Padilla will be shown. The exhibition is curated by Toni Ferrer

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