Spain NOW! 2012

Spain NOW! , the annual season of contemporary Spanish culture in London will take place over 8 weeks from October 4. Now in its 4th year, Spain NOW! will bring to London a snapshot of the latest creative output of Spain, featuring a series of exhibitions, concerts, talks and performances across London.

Pop Up Space/Video-Cut here II

A selection of clips from the odds and sods of the Spanish independent music scene.
In its second year, Cut Here will present a selection of some of the best music clips from Spain in the 21st Century.

Opening Event

Opening Spain NOW! each year is like unwrapping a present: we’ve been thinking what we wanted to give you all year long, we’ve anticipated the moment, we’ve looked for the most special paper, and this catalogue is the card that goes with it.

Cabinet Exhibition

Cabinet Exhibition is a group show that presents the work of forty international emerging artists from over ten different countries.

Dust and water/En Tierra de Silencio

Dust and Water/Tierra de Silencio is an artistic project focused on social and ecological thinking. It is also a contemplative dance and video performance that reflectson environmental justice and collective responsibility in a time of dramatic climate change.