Klaus&Kinsky – Closing Party

Come celebrate the end of our second year with a mega party and Klaus&Kinsky. The story of Klaus&Kinski, which already comprises three records after the release of “Tierra, trágalos” in April 2010, started unintentionally when Marina let Alejandro convince her to sing a Beatles cover to try out his home-based studio, which he set up in the summer of 2005.

Architecture Forum

When: Wed, 10/11/2010 Event Times: From 6pm A platform where architecture practitioners, engineers as well as the general public can listen a panel of experts exchanging their views about the different interventions carried out by Ferrovial in the UK, including the terminal T2A at Heathrow. An exhibition will accompany the forum and some of the…

Susana Medina & Silvia Terrón

Led by well-established writer Susana Medina and Silvia Terrón, fresh from Madrid’s book fair, this bi-lingual (English-Spanish) reading will combine words and images by video-artists Derek Ogbourne and Nacho R. Piedra

Wild Honey

The first thing you hear on Wild Honey’s debut album, “Epic Handshakes And A Bear Hug”, is a “uhuhuuu”, then a voice, then some handclaps… and bit by bit, everything starts to fit in it’s place at the right time: a trumpet and a ukulele, a keyboard, whistles… Guillermo Farré takes the name for this…

Ruido Bajito

Coyote is a legend of the Movida years and of the Madrid music scene. Now in his upteenth reincarnation he treats us to a delightful and heady mix of performance and folk shenanigans made the more special by its surroundings. Expect to be surprised, in small doses, of course.

Time Capsules

“Time Capsules” presents new works by four young Spanish artists living in London. The artists, working across different media, will present pieces that freely respond to questions and notions such as memory and history, psychogeography, the blurring of the “past/present/future” categorization and the possibility of the work of art to preserve and enclose a singular…

Charades + Hazte Lapón

How would it be the pop and psychedelia of The Beach Boys, Os Mutantes or Love in the year 2010? Charades have the answer. After some months diving in their own revolution and the quest for total freedom, Charades have come back, proving that the promises made in “En Ningún Lugar” (BCore, 08) are true…

Round table discussion

Panelists: Joana Granero, Silvia Terron, Susana Medina and others TBC. When: Mon, 20/09/2010 Event Times: From 7pm Venue: The Spain NOW! pop-up space @ The Gallery.Soho “Comparing notes: the exchange of culture between Spain and the UK” How fluid is the cultural exchange between the UK and Spain? Following our series of talks in 2009…

Opening launch party – Javier Rubio

Let’s not deceive ourselves. Neither Brian Wilson, Damo Suzuki, Ralf Hütter nor Brian Eno knew where they were going. They didn’t even know where or who they were. The same could be said of Sean Booth, Rob Brown, Mika Vainio or even Chuck D, who tried to hide his insecurity as to where he was heading to behind his strokes.