Pablo Gallo – The interview!

foto Pablo Gallo
Pablo Gallo was born in June 1975. He studied in the Pablo Picasso Art School in La Coruña and the Masana Art School in Barcelona. He has received several awards for his paintings and videos and has been regularly showing his work in exhibitions since 1995. In the past few years his work has focused in identifying and establishing connections between fine arts and literature. He is the author of Hiperhíbridos (Hiperhybrids), El Gaviero Ediciones, 2011; and El libro del voyeur (The voyeur’s book), Ediciones del viento, 2010, which compiles 69 circular erotic drawings accompanied by texts by 69 Spanish and Latinoamerican writers. He has also illustrated the book of short stories and poems by Nacho Vegas Política de hechos consumados (The policy of fait accompli), Limbo Starr, 2009. He has collaborated with several Spanish literary magazines such as Quimera, La Bolsa de Pipas or Vinalia Trippers, as well as in the anthology Perversiones, breve catálogo de parafilias ilustradas (Perversions, brief catalogue of illustrated paraphilias), Editorial Traspiés, 2010. Gallo also collaborates regularly with the newspaper La Voz de Galicia. He lives in Bilbao.
How would you define yourself?
I am unable to define myself. I’d lie if I tried to.
What can the audience expect from your collaboration with Spain NOW!?
A face split in two, a piece that belongs to a series of paintings entitled “ANTI-FACES”.
What do you think your collaboration with Spain NOW! will bring for you?
I hope someone can define what I do.
Describe or give us some insights about your creative process.
I prefer not to talk much about my creative process. Sometimes I feel like a magician refusing to reveal his tricks!
Where have you shown internationally before? And in Spain?
Internationally, in Portugal and the US. In Spain I have shown mainly in La Coruña, Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao.
What other emergent Spanish artists can you recommend for those who enjoy your work? 
I don’t know if they can be defined as emerging, but I follow closely the work of Pepe Cerdá, Ánge Mateo Charris, El Roto, Miguel Brieva, Sonia Pulido, Sara Morante or Paco Alcázar.
Do you have affinities or share interests with any artists working in the UK?
I don’t have a deep knowledge of contemporary British art, but I deeply admire the work of Lucian Freud or Francis Bacon.
Define yourself as:
  • a “saying”: Yeah!
  • a geographical accident: A hill with two trees on top, and a dog parking at them.
  • an animal/mineral/plant: A quartz stone that can fit in a pocket.
  • a dish/food: Vainilla ice-cream