SpainNOW! 2015 kicks off

The world-renowned Serpentine Pavilion staged the first event of Spain NOW! 2015. The inspirational, temporary structure designed every year by some of the world’s greatest architects has become a much-anticipated landmark in London, attracting thousands of visitors every summer.

To celebrate that this year’s Pavilion is designed by the Spanish practice Selgascano, we thought it would make a great asset to host a series of talks around urban public space and its relation with political dissidence which we entitled ‘Post World’s End Architecture’.

The open structure of this year’s Pavilion made it a perfect spot to discuss these issues, as although the event was fully booked, visitors to the site were able to join the vibrant debate between Manuel Domínguez from the Spanish practice Zuloark and Jane Hall and Amica Dall from London’s Assemble. Both discussed their collective way of thinking and the challenges faced by today’s architecture in an economic crisis and post-crisis scenarios.

If you missed this first session, you can listen to the full podcast here.

The Post World’s End Architecture, Part 2 with Emma Enderby, Curator of the Serpentine Galleries, and Ethel Baraona will take place on August 15th at 3pm at the Serpentine Pavilion.