Suso33 – Live performance


SUSO33, born in Madrid, is the precursor of experimentation with the language of graffiti as well as the pioneer of post-Graffiti in Spain. An inspiration and collaborator to graffiti heavyweights like Blu or Sixe, he is best known in Spain for introducing live action painting to the country. At present SUSO33 is totally devoted to his latest experimentation, what he calls Action Painting, where he uses the language of several artistic disciplines to create unique and enduring images in a ‘total performance’. Among his many awards, in 2010 SUSO33 received the PhotoEspaña Award for best work of videoart for his piece ‘CRASH’.

Artist: Suso33
When: Fri, 14/10/2011
Event Times: From 7:30pm (Aftershow by invitation only)
Venue: Outside Halcyon Gallery


Here the work in progress edit (soundtrack on its way) of SUSO33’s live canvas action at the Halcyon Gallery, Friday October 14th:

Director: José Velázquez
Camera: Iris Wakulenko

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