FF>> Fresh Fashion from Spain 2014

Screening: FF>> Fresh Fashion from Spain 2014
Date: Friday 7th November / Sunday 9th November
Presentation: Friday 7th November

Spanish design has a distinctive flair that is often difficult to define: is it the use of colour? The choice of shapes? The taste for prints? Its rich cultural heritage? Or perhaps its craftsmanship tradition?

As every year, we put words aside and let images speak for themselves. Fresh Fashion from Spain proposes an overview of Spain’s young and cutting edge design in a selection of videos curated by Noelia Terrón-Laya.

On this occasion we have partnered with Madrid Fashion Film Festival, a showcase of the best audio visual work made for the fashion industry, now on its second year.

This “Madrid FFF Spanish Designers Selection” will take us right to the core of the creative universe of five Spanish designers: to the excitement, inspiration, surprise and exploration of six names to watch, Spanish by heart, but with an international flair.

MadridFFF Spanish Designers Selection

  • “Escape from mondays” by Diego Hurtado de Mendoza for Rabaneda
  • “The City of Delights” by Imanol Ruiz de Lara for U – Adolfo Domínguez
  • “Maria Ke Fisherman – Autumn Winter 2014” by Tomás Peña for Maria Ke Fisherman
  • “ape.ti.to” by Assaad Awad for Assaad Awad
  • “Luz” by Raúl Rosillo for Leandro Cano