The Word Is Poet

The Word is Poet

The Word is Poet

Screening: The Word Is Poet
Date: Friday 7th November / Sunday 9th November
Event: Saturday 8th November. Join us from 10am for coffee and muffins at Hanmi Gallery for the screening of ‘The Word Is Poet’  and roundtable discussion curated by Silvia Terrón.

As George Orwell said, “if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought”. What do we think about when we talk about (female) poets? Does the adjective add to or subtract from the literary content itself?

This documentary by Asturias-born poet and film producer Sofía Castañón proposes looking at literature through a gender lens.

21 Spanish poets born between 1974 and 1990 give their own perspective about literary creation, its dissemination, and the reactions by literary critics and the public in general. Does being a man or a woman play a role in the process?

Join us for its UK première and for a discussion about the literary scenes in Spain and the UK.

With Sofía Castañón [link to] and Sara Torres.

Curated by Silvia Terrón [link to]

Sofía Castañón (Gijón, 1983), poet, philologist, and producer for Señor Paraguas. Amongst her poetry books we can mention Animales interiores (Inner animals), Young Asturias Prize 2006; Últimas cartas a Kansas (Last letters to Kansas), García Baena Prize 2007; La noche así (The night as such, 2012) and Culpa de Pavlov (Pavlov’s fault), winner of Madrid’s Young Creators Prize. She also writes in her native Asturian: Tiempu de render (Nené Losada Prize 2009) and Destruimientu del xardín (2012). In 2009-2010 she received a creative grant from the Residencia de Estudiantes and was one of the young poets selected for Voz + Joven 2010 by La Casa Encendida.