Francisco Ortega

Studio address: Mother Studios, Studio 3, Floor 3. Queens Yard ,White Post Lane; Hackney Wick, E9 5EN
Opening Hours: Saturday 8th November: 12pm-6pm / Sunday 9th November: 12pm-6pm

About the artist
Francisco Ortega‘s aim is to leave behind what is familiar and embrace everything that is a mystery. In his work there is not a particular theme or story to be told, there is improvisation and arrangement; there is room for chaos and the meditated construction of an image. There are connections, contradictions and dilemmas wrapped in an abstract atmosphere in which the emphasis is made in the process of painting itself and its characteristics and possibilities as a medium.

As he states, “Every day we deal with the complexity of deciding what is right, what is wrong, what is acceptable, average or extreme. Time has shown that what today is intolerable tomorrow could be embrace as indispensable or mandatory. Even though my work deals with this kind of contradiction and, the challenges and dilemmas we face in every decision we take, it is still limited by the bi-dimensionality of painting. On this basis, my real motivation, my aim, is to create work that is not just about something, but that exist entirely on its own. My paintings are the result of a long process of trials where gestures, mark making and symbols collide and give shape to “something” that seeks its own identity. Even when the approach and choices I make are subjected to my own experiences, my time, place in the world, and so on; Painting is a physical thing, is material. For that reason, I am determined to exploit the visual aspect of painting. After all, what I am doing is manipulating and transforming matter.

Francisco Ortega will be greeting visitors while working on his new series in order to make visible his  “modus operandi” and share the things that inspire and define him as an artist. The main goal is to give the attendants the opportunity to witness the different stages involved in the creative process. With this in mind, he will have on display a few examples of my latest work and, while working as usual, he will be very keen to respond to any questions along the way.