Silvia Lerin

Studio address: ASC STUDIOS195-205 Union Street, SE1 0LN
Opening hours: Friday 7th November: 12pm-3pm (studio) / Sunday November 9th: 1pm-6pm
Artist Talk: Saturday 8th November: 1pm. “Mind the gap, my story” , at A-side B-side Gallery
(Hackney Downs Studios. Amhurst Terrace, London E8 2BT)

About the artist
Chance is always present in Silvia Lerin‘s work. Sometimes it appears as fissures or clefts, or as matter folding into itself, or in the accumulation of surrounding pictorial information. Other times, the element of chance lies in the color or texture that shapes the composition. Her interests lie mainly in finding the balance between uncertain, chaotic spaces and the predictability of the vast monochromatic dimensions of the rest of the work. These creases, these fissures, have gained presence over the years, and it is now that they are escaping the limits imposed by the canvas’ boundaries.

For the Open Studios Weekend, Silvia Lerin will present her latest project ”Mind the Gap” that started to take shape during her residency, thanks to the Pollock-Krasner Grant, in may 2014.

She describes it as follows:

In a prior stage “Mind the gap” was conceived as a series of paintings in which the famous warning phrase issued to rail passengers became an excuse to keep on investigating in my artistic discourse through fissures and divisions, considering “gap”, as an extension of its meaning and taking into consideration many of the colours of the London-Underground.

Nevertheless little by little and parallel a new necessity arised : a new way of thinking the work inspired by the “Gap” . I wasn’t thinking in the underground lines and its colours but in the space itself that surrounded the “gap” or the distance between the train and the platform. I began to think in installations with yellow, black and grey fabric in where the yellow line that appears in the platforms borders plays an important role as separator and warning element. Already in my arranged installations during my A.I.R. in the “Prarie Center of the Arts” en Peoria, IL, US, I had used the combination of timber lengths with painted fabric.