Susana Sanroman

Exhibition: Susana Sanroman (solo presentation)
Date: Friday 7th November / Sunday 9th November (12pm / 6pm)

Artist talk: ‘Art, Environment and things from you & Me’
Date: Sunday 9th of November at 1 pm

Venue: Hanmi Gallery, 30 Maple Street W1T 6HA

About the artist
A prolific photographer, Susana Sanromán depicts keenly the peculiar charm of snatched moments, and hers is a confessional vision of human nature that includes elegant images, extracts from private rituals, allegorical moments, gazes caught in time, which help reset the memory. In constant evolution, prompted by her creative vision and a distinctive visual language, her work displays a narrative dictated by the visceral impulses of a global society, which leads to a state of hyper-connectivity, degradation, ambiguity and hypnosis (Text by Gelines Romero)

For the Open Studios Weekend Susana Sanroman will have on display her project ‘Essentia-Praesentia’.
In this body of work, Sanromán captures the fascinating intersection of place, presence, and absence— a series of photographs of abandoned, once-inhabited buildings.

A quieting sense of decay of the uninhabited space is present through the series.

The recurrent ‘figurative human form’ states the presence of absence; which coexist with the natural cycles of life and death with its constant transmutation.

Susana Sanroman will also contribute to ‘Art, Environment and things from you & Me’, a conversation with Spanish artist Maria Jose Arceo that illustrates how both their practices embrace and question concerns such as ‘the discarded’, the human and industrial footprints on the environment, the impact of wide-spread consumerism at global scale and the ‘throw-away’ culture, amongst others. The purpose of this talk is to disseminate knowledge, increase social awareness and open dialogue to promote narratives.