Isabel Castro Jung

Performance: Anemoi
Date: Saturday 8th November: 5pm and 7.30pm
Venue: 17 Crinan Street, N1 9SQ London
RSVP email:

About the artist
Isabel Castro Jung‘s practice is based on multilayered projects, focusing on performance, sculpture, and video. The main objects she creates for her works are called ‘wearable sculptures’. These pieces are extensions of her own body, quite heavy and often uncomfortable. They act as armour protecting her and connecting her to earth but also being a burden and obstacle. Isabel likes technology as well as nature and she is interested in exploring this field and the relation between both. She is interested in the relationship between the physical and the virtual. She enjoys collaborations with other people, and had the chance to work with dancers, musicians and actors from Spain and Germany.

For the Open Studios Weekend Isabel Castro Jung will be performing her piece AnemoiThe event will also include the display of additional related material such as photographs, drawings, sketches and lithographs. There will be also on display her mesmerising dresses for Hybrida (an award winning Project of the Operare Prize 2011. Launched & produced by “Zeitgenössische Oper Berlin” Berlin, Germany at the Festival “Ankunft: Neue Musik”, Ohrenstrand. at the Central Station of Berlin)

RSVP is needed for Isabel Castro Jung’s performance. Anemoi will be performed twice (5pm and 7.30pm) Please, send us an email with your name and specify which performance you are interested to book.

Anemoi cast
Isabel Castro jung (artist)
Atsuko Kamura (compositor/singer)
Kati Francis (director,actress/dance)
Eva Parets (actress/dance)
Manuel Calvo (music/visual arts)