Maria José Arceo

Artist talk: ‘Art, Environment and things from you & Me’
: Sunday 9th of November at 1 pm
Venue: Hanmi Gallery, 30 Maple Street W1T 6HA

About the artist
Maria Jose Arceo is a London-based artist born in Santiago de Compostela, who uses multi-disciplinary art practices like sculpture video & photography to explore interactions between humans and the natural world; in particular, she is looking for traces of human footprints upon water environments.

In the last few years, she began beachcombing and mudlarking the Thames for links to both past and future. This has led to a new found obsession with the long-term impacts of plastic debris entering both fluvial and marine environments. Her latest series of works is made from these remnants of civilisation.

At the present moment, she is preparing to join a crew of 14 women who, next November, will be sailing across the Atlantic on a 72ft yacht and scientific exploration vessel run by Pangaea ExplorationsThe purpose of the journey is to explore the issue of toxic plastic chemicals, endocrine disrupters and carcinogens in our personal and global environment and in particular, raise awareness of those linked to the increase of breast cancer in young women.

‘Art, Environment and things from you & Me’ brings together Spanish artists Maria Jose Arceo and Susana Sanroman and will illustrate how both their practices embrace and question concerns such as ‘the discarded’, the human and industrial footprints on the environment, the impact of wide-spread consumerism at global scale and the ‘throw-away’ culture, amongst others. The purpose of this talk is to disseminate knowledge, increase social awareness and open dialogue to promote narratives.